Welcome to the Rugarli lab!

Our group is interested in understanding how axons maintain their function during our lifetime and the mechanisms underlying their degeneration in neurological diseases, such as hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP). HSP is characterised by the degeneration of axons of cortical motoneurons that control voluntary movements. These axons can reach the length of 1 m, contain up to 99% of the neuronal cytoplasm, and are highly dependent on efficient trafficking mechanisms to deliver proteins, lipids, and cellular organelles, including mitochondria, to distal regions.

Open questions that we address in our projects are:

  •  Which cellular pathways are dysfunctional in HSP and cause axonal degeneration?
  •  How is the quality and function of mitochondria regulated, especially in neurons and along axons?

Our aim is to elucidate the molecular, cellular and physiological function of crucial players in HSP and mitochondrial quality control.



Congratulations to Carolina on the successful defense of her PhD thesis – and Goodbye

Congratulations to Carolina on successfully defending her PhD thesis on Unravelling the mechanism of axonal degeneration in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia type 7.

Carolina has been with the group for…

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Congratulations to Mujeeb for his successful PhD defense!

Congratulations: It is our pleasure to announce that Mujeeb successfully defended his doctoral thesis on Molecular mechanism of post-transcriptional regulation of target mRNAs by CLUH.
We are glad…

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Congratulations to Lennart on the successful defense of his PhD thesis – and Goodbye…

On August 23, Lennart defended his PhD Theses on Characterizing the role of the ERLIN complex in vivo.

After five years in the Rugarli lab Lennart has now leaved – we will miss his contributions to…

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New publication out in May 2022!

Schatton, D., Di Pietro, G., Szczepanowska, K., Veronese, M., Marx, M.C., Braunöhler, K., Barth, E., Müller, S., Giavalisco, P., Langer, T., Trifunovic, A., Rugarli, E.I. CLUH controls astrin-1…

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Welcome to Thibaut

We welcome our new postdoc Tibaut, who joined our group in April.

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Welcome to Alexander

We welcome our new lab manager Alexander, who joined our group this July.

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Goodbye to Desiree

We say goodbye to Desiree who did her PhD and later postdoctoral research in our group - it has been a wonderful time, full of exciting discoveries.  We wish Desiree all the best for her future…

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New publication on spastin

We published a new paper about spastin and its function in lipid droplet metabolism!


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New publication on CLUH!

We published a new paper on CLUH function in hepatocytes on EMBO Journal!

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